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Entichers~hyde's angel~

Canzel one man @ takadanobaba area!

Today was 2nd day of the 3-days-consecutive-one man live.
I caught a flu yesterday so I went down super-casual style. No makeup, wearing my glasses.

They talked about Icchi's band 10years ago (erecsia)and he was asking who has heard of the band? And including me only about 3~4 hands rose up in the whole livehouse. Then icchi stared at me hard and like oohhh XD;;

In both days, he would ask like who's here for the last time? Who travelled far to come here?? Apparently today there were taiwan fans (and icchi made a fool by talking about his favourite zombie show. I thought I told you before that's from Hongkong??? XD)
But hayyy
Actually, I'm from Singapore and I should be the one who travelled "furthest" ya know.. lol..
Been going to canzel lives for 3~4years...many memories..I guess they're so used to me in Tokyo all the time and don't bother whether they've got non-japanese fans xD
gonna compile the memories (and photographs we've taken together) and give it to them for the final final last live in september (i've got the tickets, but I don't know if anything will crop up and make me unable to go :/ )

Tmr is the "last day"...initially gonna be the real last live..
Last day of my oni-5days...I've been out to lives since 7th..and the one on 8th ended at 2+ in the morning!!! like wth...no wonder I caught a flu and so tired everyday I wake up >_<

Im getting old sigh.

They did alot of fun things today. Although not the first time. But it's going to be the last time. When Im less tired, I will try to write everything out from my memory >_<
It's 3am, I have to sleep soon and hopefully wake up early enough for tomorrow!

Oh, btw, they have new stickers!
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