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go to cnz

listening/watching mio radio.
he shared so much...
I guess we can't help but if you say you keep appointing a goal, you reach each goal..and so what if you played in budokan? Is there no more goas to create anymore? There must be something more than selling, although of course at this age and your ideals, selling your band is very important...But at the same time, thinking/expecting too much can slow down your pace in your path... kinda feeling at the moment.. my thoughts.

And I was rather happy canzel stayed as a band that didnt sign on to any company and dealt everything themselves.

I didn't bother to comment all these since everyone thinks differently.

Tamura yuusuke san yo... wwwwww

You disappointed me in your looks but I appreciate your music talk very much. Go Go Leader-sama!

Just some random rants here... heh...

Can't decide what to do, where to stand etc on 9/2 last live... orz
(I cried so badly on 8/11 >< )
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hi idk if u remember me but i will also go to canzel's last live, a friend of mine bought me a ticket... so if you want, we can go together... if not its ok. I dont use lj anymore rly, but i use ameba (same username there as here) so u can contact me through there... well i will be the tall blond guy standing outside blitz lookin' all weird among the other blackheads
hello~ I remember you ^^
Are you and your friend going together? Where do you intend to stand ? XD

I'll search for your ameba! My ameba username is furaikaki XDD