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It's less than a month to Canzel's dvd release...
I've reserved it but I hope I have money for it T_T
I restricted myself from getting Satsuki cuz I've been so broke..

But ahh..
To "celebrate" the release, I should dig up my memory lane and write a report for the last live maybe? I realise I didn't actually write one for it isn't it? :O

Anyone has Hi:briD's merry go round!?
No one seem to have it! I would very much like to buy it, especially for the privilege if you buy at their live...it's kisara cooking dvd!! But I'm broke ToT I can only afford one coin cds like Gone with the wind lolllll
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Hey pigmys!

I saw mio posted this as part of an announcement for the live dvd:
"※3 追加映像特典

...does it mean you can choose from 11 different camera angles for 3 songs??
(Sorry if that's totally wrong, haha!)

Also, any signs of special store privileges yet?
from what i undersand is you can view 11 camera angles in one screen for 3 songs XD

I didn't check the privileges although I should be getting mine from like an edison! :)
Hahha :D I actually talked about this with my friends today. I will soon order it too, but seriously I am SO afraid of watching it cuz of the interview I had after the live was over. A cameraman just comes ahead to me, saying; "Canzeru no messeji arimasuka?" ... so I just arrived to Japan. It was my 2nd day there, I didn't speak japanese for 3 months and the first thing I thaught; "What is Canzel's message to the people?" ... so I missunderstood the guy, and said; "huh? ... ?!" after 10 secs I started to understand his Q. BUT I ANSWERED RETARDEDLY TO HIM "ONGAKU GA SUKI OMOSHIRO NATOKA NANTOKA ZANNEN DESTHA TO OMOU" gaah I am going to die while I watch this. And other people will get the biggest lulz ever. And it will get on youtube, and it will be called: "gaijin at VK concert cannot speak japanese (with translation!!)"

Ok good night 8D!!
haha i wished i took the interview with u XD
but then, they probably won't put in fan interviews in the dvd and just briefly show faces XD
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