Entichers~hyde's angel~ (pigmys) wrote,
Entichers~hyde's angel~

I have become so fattttt like rirakkumaaa

I had been lazy to login into livejournal to blog these days. I wished I could just send an email to submit a post (I've become a mobile phone addict over 4 years in japan)
I guess that's why I post in facebook/yaplog much more. (I've made a twitter account too but it was more for updating visual-kei related stuffs... add me if you like @o_neko_san )

I just logged in to write an entry about panic channel in pink cherry comm.It had been a heavy night. It's like you look forward to the upcoming lives, but you wish the day doesn't come.

So many things I want to say, but I cannot say, I don't wanna say. As a result, I gave up blogging too.
I don't know who I can talk to, so I keep it in my heart.


I have to change my sleeping habits everything for work soon.

I also have to prepare for new contents for Tokyo69.

By the way,canzel's dvd will be released soon,it seems like shibuya tower records will have "cheki" as privilege item.But I think I no longer care now ~_~;
I'll just get my copy from Like an edison ~_~;

I love everyone of you in my friends list and those who are reading this
<3 <3 <3
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