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Official Secilia Luna Tshirt and posters on sale! [06 Dec 2011|05:13pm]
Hello Everyone!

TOKYO69 is selling their limited edition collaboration Tshirt and poster with Secilia Luna online.
They are specially designed for their concert in Singapore and the Tshirt is also what the members have worn. The Tshirt is now sold out in Japan, so if you guys wish to have the same Tshirt as the members, you can now make your purchase from TOKYO69 online!
All purchases also comes with a special design postcard.

For more details on the Tshirt and posters,please visit their Facebook album here:

TOKYO69 FB page (pls like!)
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Ex. Panic Ch member new band [22 Aug 2011|09:04pm]

advance by 666



Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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[15 Jul 2011|10:26am]
[ mood | rejected ]

seems like livejournal has changed pretty much too.

I should be setting up, rather, make full use of my twitter soon. Especially now I hardly turn on the pc but use ipod touch/iphone -_-!

Sometimes I update tumblr too, if those on my facebook had seen:


however, this livejournal account contains many of my memories as well.
Do want to keep it alive :D

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[12 Jun 2011|04:56pm]
been getting lotsa spam comments on LJ lately D:

Probably keeping this livejournal visual kei related since I've been posting so much of that in the past. Many sweet and sour memories noted in this account.

Meanwhile, started a picture blog kinda thingy, mainly reflecting my life in Tokyo and sometimes Singapore.
If you guys are willing to take a look 8D

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8:29 [14 Jan 2011|09:10pm]
Hello to all my friends who are reading my livejournal :)

Had been "busy" to update although I had been on and off updating my status in facebook..
Now im irritated with how slow my computer is, and its no better when Igo to work...a computer that takes 20mins to shutdown completely XD

Yes, now Im still kicking alive and working Tokyo as tranlator/interpretor. I dont know how long this job will last but at least it support my living now
Although on the side I had been trying hard to stay within the vkei circle, live reports website and whats not..
But I just think soon mayb I will be"graduating".

too annoyed with slowness of the computer so I will stop here.
will update again.
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I have become so fattttt like rirakkumaaa [05 Dec 2010|06:52am]
I had been lazy to login into livejournal to blog these days. I wished I could just send an email to submit a post (I've become a mobile phone addict over 4 years in japan)
I guess that's why I post in facebook/yaplog much more. (I've made a twitter account too but it was more for updating visual-kei related stuffs... add me if you like @o_neko_san )

I just logged in to write an entry about panic channel in pink cherry comm.It had been a heavy night. It's like you look forward to the upcoming lives, but you wish the day doesn't come.

So many things I want to say, but I cannot say, I don't wanna say. As a result, I gave up blogging too.
I don't know who I can talk to, so I keep it in my heart.


I have to change my sleeping habits everything for work soon.

I also have to prepare for new contents for Tokyo69.

By the way,canzel's dvd will be released soon,it seems like shibuya tower records will have "cheki" as privilege item.But I think I no longer care now ~_~;
I'll just get my copy from Like an edison ~_~;

I love everyone of you in my friends list and those who are reading this
<3 <3 <3
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CNZ [08 Nov 2010|03:44pm]
It's less than a month to Canzel's dvd release...
I've reserved it but I hope I have money for it T_T
I restricted myself from getting Satsuki cuz I've been so broke..

But ahh..
To "celebrate" the release, I should dig up my memory lane and write a report for the last live maybe? I realise I didn't actually write one for it isn't it? :O

Anyone has Hi:briD's merry go round!?
No one seem to have it! I would very much like to buy it, especially for the privilege if you buy at their live...it's kisara cooking dvd!! But I'm broke ToT I can only afford one coin cds like Gone with the wind lolllll
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oh shoka.. [08 Nov 2010|03:41pm]
Just as i feel a lil sad over not able to hear shoka's solo works/oparts ...

This made me feel a lil excited somehow :


V.sho-ka(ex.Vogus Image)
G.謙太(ex.home chic)

like omg ayanono...i wonder how he looks like now XDDD
And rei <3 though I can somehow imagine rei's looks..

Oh my childhood..i mean my youth days...

I don't very much bother about very new bands now.(Although I still have a little roadie fetish) But I do care about "old people"'s activities XD;

Speaking of roadie fetish.I saw Kiddo the other day. Just when I thought they felt like old SID (image wise)...the vocalist was sid roadie! Haha! They are on my list of live report too =))))
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tokyo69 [27 Oct 2010|03:11am]
Transfering some of my live report stuffs to this site:


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829 takumin [02 Oct 2010|11:44pm]

the Riotts.のサイトを見たらしく




♪( ´▽`)

takumin ikiteruu♪( ´▽`) wwwww
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[02 Oct 2010|09:29pm]
Mio's desktop wallpaper now wwww


(sorry have been using facebook more than livejournal these days)

Listening to his show helped me felt better by all the rejection from work...I had enough of everyone saying I came from a good school, I have good results, I am multilngual so every company wants to hire me.That's bullshit!

by the way, I want to do something like mioradio and play all the vkei music I like XD

He's using Paint now and really good at it! XD
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zill memorial live [17 Sep 2010|11:26pm]
Zill追悼Live「Stand by Me」

with/Moran、葵 from 彩冷える、ギフト(1日復活)、MixSpeaker's,Inc、ジミニークリケット(O.A)

(Chemical pictures is gonna play at this live too)

In addition:

「Stand by Me」渋谷O-EAST公演


(You can present flowers to Zill/Saburo even if you are not attending the live...anyone going??? I don't really want to go alone >_<)
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[21 Aug 2010|10:50pm]
if I had an account to login, I would have told mio S just had a revival on 9th August www

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[21 Aug 2010|10:25pm]
oh...so some canzel song's story(lyrics) are linked


im amused by today's mio radio. I thought he'll be talking about manga the whole time (and I was preparing to sleep)
but now he's getting into interesting topics like old vkei bands XDDD
(and joking about shikano www)
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[13 Aug 2010|09:44pm]
pfffttt 100yen pick + strap selling for 500yen each...

Canzel's last live goods......

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go to cnz [13 Aug 2010|09:38pm]
listening/watching mio radio.
he shared so much...
I guess we can't help but if you say you keep appointing a goal, you reach each goal..and so what if you played in budokan? Is there no more goas to create anymore? There must be something more than selling, although of course at this age and your ideals, selling your band is very important...But at the same time, thinking/expecting too much can slow down your pace in your path... kinda feeling at the moment.. my thoughts.

And I was rather happy canzel stayed as a band that didnt sign on to any company and dealt everything themselves.

I didn't bother to comment all these since everyone thinks differently.

Tamura yuusuke san yo... wwwwww

You disappointed me in your looks but I appreciate your music talk very much. Go Go Leader-sama!

Just some random rants here... heh...

Can't decide what to do, where to stand etc on 9/2 last live... orz
(I cried so badly on 8/11 >< )
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[11 Aug 2010|03:32am]
some haku fan just messaged me that she wants to be friends with ruri fans.
Like how did she know I'm ruri fan for sure?? (and then I checked my mixi, I think I didn't join haku and yukimi's community?? But the rest I joined... Like how did that happen!!?? X_X)
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Canzel one man @ takadanobaba area! [11 Aug 2010|03:05am]
Today was 2nd day of the 3-days-consecutive-one man live.
I caught a flu yesterday so I went down super-casual style. No makeup, wearing my glasses.

They talked about Icchi's band 10years ago (erecsia)and he was asking who has heard of the band? And including me only about 3~4 hands rose up in the whole livehouse. Then icchi stared at me hard and like oohhh XD;;

In both days, he would ask like who's here for the last time? Who travelled far to come here?? Apparently today there were taiwan fans (and icchi made a fool by talking about his favourite zombie show. I thought I told you before that's from Hongkong??? XD)
But hayyy
Actually, I'm from Singapore and I should be the one who travelled "furthest" ya know.. lol..
Been going to canzel lives for 3~4years...many memories..I guess they're so used to me in Tokyo all the time and don't bother whether they've got non-japanese fans xD
gonna compile the memories (and photographs we've taken together) and give it to them for the final final last live in september (i've got the tickets, but I don't know if anything will crop up and make me unable to go :/ )

Tmr is the "last day"...initially gonna be the real last live..
Last day of my oni-5days...I've been out to lives since 7th..and the one on 8th ended at 2+ in the morning!!! like wth...no wonder I caught a flu and so tired everyday I wake up >_<

Im getting old sigh.

They did alot of fun things today. Although not the first time. But it's going to be the last time. When Im less tired, I will try to write everything out from my memory >_<
It's 3am, I have to sleep soon and hopefully wake up early enough for tomorrow!

Oh, btw, they have new stickers!
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scuberdive 2010 - sby ga taihenz! [31 Jul 2010|11:42pm]

This year i've decided to go shibuya ga taihen!

The timetable is finally out...
SwallowtaiL and Panic ch's playing at the same time!!!! WHY DO THIS TO ME T_______________T

I just saw panic yesterday (got dived on badly) so actually, it won't hurt much to miss them but to watch swallowtail.
But what if they have little fans (and holy shite my big mouth...told mayo I'm going to 2nd's live...)

ryuutannnnnnnnnn ;O;!!!!!!
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(>____________<) [24 Jul 2010|10:52pm]
[ mood | devastated ]

This morning the bar I stuck on my wall suddenly dropped and all my clothes came crashing down to the floor.

I felt extremely tired/down/restless the night before so I went to bed early, resulting in me waking up early as well.
Nothing really fruitful.I spent almost an hour calling likea to get canzel's last live ticket (in the end I got a C5!)
Then I was with my friend so we went to eat fry-it-yourself-cuisine-eat-all-you-want food like yay first time (and haku n gang were eating it for lunch too)
Then I went to chofu area to watch fireworks. At a point of time people were pushing and my friend and I were just stuck in the crowd, being pushed to nowwhere.It was crazy!! I kept thinking what if I get pushed and fall into the river. We were all sweaty from that. I wonder who were the ones pushing!? They were so inconsiderate! A good thing I manage to find a spot at the side where I can stop with my friend.

Nice fireworks and as it end..I took a bus home..thinking ahh its a pleasant and rather fruitful summerday..
I couldnt update facebook at all cuz it shows me blank page all the time...
So I depended on mixi very much...and saw this shocking news from this friend who used to work for this vkei magazine.......

Zill passed away...got stunned...checked soan's blog and confirmed the news..
i didn't even finish reading the entry...just speechless...my eyes were blurry...i wanted to cry but I was walking home... So terrible..
what's with all the deaths and illness this year?!!!

(and also disbandment/stopping of activities...its really making me feel I have nothing I can support/hold on to)

And I start to think how bad it would be for soan as well..he lost his two good friends in less than a year (?) and then daisuke..though he was closer to lay and hitomi instead and now his own bandmate!!!! I hope he doesn't breakdown (>___<) (he had really bad breakouts on skin when shunko passed away...I guess its the stress and sad feelings that made his allergy got worse)same goes to hitomi

(and not to mention tenten also had to stop performing cuz he has to recuperate. And I do wish jyui would just stop singing until he fully recovers and not continue a last tour!!!)

It all ends up depressing for me today.
Not only today, but this week. I had been stressing out on jobhunting and work permit that I don't sleep well. I don't have appetite and want to puke all the time.

I dunno how to react anymore orz

(on another side note I think my mouse died on me. I have to get a new mouse now -3-)

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