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This morning the bar I stuck on my wall suddenly dropped and all my clothes came crashing down to the floor.

I felt extremely tired/down/restless the night before so I went to bed early, resulting in me waking up early as well.
Nothing really fruitful.I spent almost an hour calling likea to get canzel's last live ticket (in the end I got a C5!)
Then I was with my friend so we went to eat fry-it-yourself-cuisine-eat-all-you-want food like yay first time (and haku n gang were eating it for lunch too)
Then I went to chofu area to watch fireworks. At a point of time people were pushing and my friend and I were just stuck in the crowd, being pushed to nowwhere.It was crazy!! I kept thinking what if I get pushed and fall into the river. We were all sweaty from that. I wonder who were the ones pushing!? They were so inconsiderate! A good thing I manage to find a spot at the side where I can stop with my friend.

Nice fireworks and as it end..I took a bus home..thinking ahh its a pleasant and rather fruitful summerday..
I couldnt update facebook at all cuz it shows me blank page all the time...
So I depended on mixi very much...and saw this shocking news from this friend who used to work for this vkei magazine.......

Zill passed away...got stunned...checked soan's blog and confirmed the news..
i didn't even finish reading the entry...just speechless...my eyes were blurry...i wanted to cry but I was walking home... So terrible..
what's with all the deaths and illness this year?!!!

(and also disbandment/stopping of activities...its really making me feel I have nothing I can support/hold on to)

And I start to think how bad it would be for soan as well..he lost his two good friends in less than a year (?) and then daisuke..though he was closer to lay and hitomi instead and now his own bandmate!!!! I hope he doesn't breakdown (>___<) (he had really bad breakouts on skin when shunko passed away...I guess its the stress and sad feelings that made his allergy got worse)same goes to hitomi

(and not to mention tenten also had to stop performing cuz he has to recuperate. And I do wish jyui would just stop singing until he fully recovers and not continue a last tour!!!)

It all ends up depressing for me today.
Not only today, but this week. I had been stressing out on jobhunting and work permit that I don't sleep well. I don't have appetite and want to puke all the time.

I dunno how to react anymore orz

(on another side note I think my mouse died on me. I have to get a new mouse now -3-)
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