Entichers~hyde's angel~ (pigmys) wrote,
Entichers~hyde's angel~

zill memorial live

Zill追悼Live「Stand by Me」

with/Moran、葵 from 彩冷える、ギフト(1日復活)、MixSpeaker's,Inc、ジミニークリケット(O.A)

(Chemical pictures is gonna play at this live too)

In addition:

「Stand by Me」渋谷O-EAST公演


(You can present flowers to Zill/Saburo even if you are not attending the live...anyone going??? I don't really want to go alone >_<)
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what about butsumetsu?
probably have to go alone too =( or drag people like polina to see masty lol

i wanna watch the new moran tho... sigh but now saving money..dunno howw
why don't you say see HACHUMI?!

if youre going say hi to sizna for me www i wanna see youya ;3;
masty older.must show more respect to him and put him in first place! :X
but he's smaller :X
the more must show more attention.if not he just hide behind hachumi!
nvm what since last time he always hide behind reicheruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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